Sparknotes the destructors

He would rather hoard his money than fix his plumbing, because he values his home and money more for what they represent as a material possession suggestive of class status than for their functionality.

The Destructors Analysis

Critics often comment on the story within the historical context of the postwar era in England. Blackie raises Sparknotes the destructors to this plan, but the gang puts T. Thomas does not daunt T.

In the following essay, Bussey considers whether or not Graham Greene leaves open the possibility of redemption in his short story.

He does not comprehend the weariness and frustration with a materialistic civilization grown so overburdened with things it cannot be suffered anymore. In his hands, power is the ability to lead others.

Suddenly there is a long rumbling crash, complete with bricks bouncing in the road ahead. Blackie and the others are at first hesitant but also are intrigued with an action so daring and audacious. In order to destroy, T. There was no sign from Mr Thomas.

Blackie, ever the pragmatist, objects, saying that they want no trouble with the law. Thomas is indignant that the boys have broken onto his property, but he hears the yells of the boy supposedly locked in the toilet and allows himself to be hurried along by T.

Thomas stands for the old ways and the past belief in the authority of elders. Blackie wants to understand T.

What Is the Major Theme for the Short Story

But historians within the Christian tradition have also conceived on non-linear theories of history. The story is also an allegory about power. The characters make choices for themselves, but England is somewhat at the mercy of the decisions made by its citizens.

The Destructors Themes

By the evening an odd exhilaration seized them as they looked down the great hollow of the house. Then there is enormous crash and debris rains down. The dining-room was stripped of parquet, the skirting was up, the door had been taken off its hinges, and the destroyers had moved up a floor.

Thomas as they both gaze over his thoroughly demolished home. As a Hegelian principle of antithesis, Trevor is both a destructive and a creative force. Won't feel like it. Then go into all the rooms and turn out the drawers.

They labor on Sunday, the day of light and rest, well into the night. Incidentally, in the revised version in. They can only imagine a worse world. Summers continues to resist and mocks T. The house is clearly an architectural and historical wonder, an enduring remnant of a bygone era when such buildings were the careful work of artistic craftsmen.

Compile reproductions of the works you find most compelling and make an exhibit demonstrating how art reflects the experiences of nations. As he pulls out of the lot, he feels something tugging on the back fender.

The house is clearly an architectural and historical wonder, an enduring remnant of a bygone era when such buildings were the careful work of artistic craftsmen. Is the roof leaking? He intrigues the gang with his plan to pull down Mr.

In this context, Blackie dislikes the idea that T.

The Destructors Summary

And if he did call 'Help', who, on a lonely Bank Holiday evening, would have the courage to investigate? He asked hopefully, 'Did you break in? We'd do it from inside. Trevor conceives of the plan in the abstract and maneuvers politically to bring about its implementation.

It is highly significant that T.

The Destructors Summary

And Apocalypse is conceived of as that event, or series of events, which will bring time to a stop whatever that might mean in a post-Einsteinian universe and human history to an end.Dive deep into Graham Greene's The Destructors with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Graham Greene.

THE DESTRUCTORS. It was on the eve of August Bank Holiday that the latest recruit became the leader of the Wormsley Common Gang. No one was surprised except Mike, but Mike at the age of nine was surprised by everything.

The Destructors

"The Destructors" is set in one of the poorest regions in London, Wormsley Common. In Wormsley Common is a group of teenage boys, known as the Wormsley Common gang.

Near Wormsley Common is an old house, a relic of the eighteenth century, owned by a man named Thomas, also known as Old Misery to the Wormsley Common gang.

The reader’s first impression of “The Destructors” is that the story is a simple chronicle of senseless violence and wanton destruction carried out by thoughtless, unprincipled adolescents.

Sep 04,  · This film was released as "The Destructors" and is listed as such in "The Films of Anthony Quinn" written by Alvin Marill. See more» Goofs When Anthony Quinn is sitting at the desk in Briac's office talking about getting a hit man, a cigarette in /10(1K).

“The Destructors” is about a group of teenage boys who call themselves the Wormsley Common gang, after the area where they live. They meet every day in a parking lot near a part of town that was bombed during World War II.

Sparknotes the destructors
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