Factors affecting brand image

H3 There is a significant relationship between uniqueness 0. However, the power of branding and marketing is evident in these markets, too. Strategy of Promotion and packaging including advertising Factors Affecting Brand Image Development There are various factors behind building up of the identity of a brand in Factors affecting brand image market: Marital Status Single Married 4.

Type and Source of Data The primary data in this research gathered from questionnaires and the data questionnaires are taken from the related article and digital journals which taken from internet.

Co instead of male. Advertisement and other promotional tools with the same underlying slogan is aired through various channels electronic media, print media, pamphlets, and many more which tries to create a particular desired image of the product into the mind of the consumers.

Johnny Andrean who previously famous because of his beauty salon business with more than beauty salon in all over Indonesia Kuspito, The following factors influence the branding strategies: Innovativeness and Technology Really disruptive innovations such as entirely new product category or a major technology breakthrough presents special problems in branding.

Apple, for example, built its brand on the passion and innovation of its founder, and it gained recognition for meeting the wants and needs of modern consumers. Thus, the mindscape of the company has broadened in pursuit of attracting all segments of customers.

At the time of brand strategy, target audience is first identified and then ads are made in order to strike a chord with the wavelength of the target audience. Participation is voluntary and your responses are anonymous and confidential. Co also cannot attract the customers significantly and it cannot make the customer to be satisfied and loyal to J.

Advertisements play the most important role in image building of a product and help it to upgrade itself into a well known brand.

Brand equity translates to growing profitability, strong repeat sales and increasing market share. This research is conducted to analyze the J. However, brand success often rests on softer features other than rational comparisons; thus purchase decisions become emotional choices. In metropolitan city in Indonesia like Jakarta and Bandung, doughnut is widely available in many shopping center and mall with its famous brand Dunkin Donut and J.

Since the increasing complexity of the workplace makes it impossible for one person to have the time and expertise to create detailed documents, business communicators require skills in teamwork.

However, the investments to be made are quite high. The Hypothesis Result Framework Strength Satisfaction Loyalty From pearson correlation and hypothesis testing table, it can conclude that favourability of brand image has no significant relationship to both customer satisfaction and customer 20 The Factors of Brand Image which Influence Customer Loyalty of J.

CO created has made J. Normality Test The normality test is one of classical assumption which to predict the dependent variable value based on the independent variables. Co succeeds when launching new products like J. It consists of three sections: A set of questionnaire was distributed in West Jakarta district where J.

The strength of brand association: Co give special price offers for their loyal customer Satisfaction I found J. The company built this brand image by creating an interactive website that allows visitors to explore local attractions near each hotel, a strategy that has earned the company a favorable position among the target segment of the market.

Model Unstandardized Coefficients B Std. Then SPSS statistic 20 was used to analyze these responses. There is a significant relationship between customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Association which forwarded by brand attributes and brand benefits to the personal connection of information and the consistency of this information.

What are the factors affecting Brand Image?

Reicheld thought has been influenced by Markey that stated the similar idea about customers who satisfied, or very satisfied will show 60 and 80 percent defect in most businesses. CO The histogram show that there is no problem with the data because the data normaly distributed at dependent variable Y: This is part of brand image.

Advertisements can bring the customers to use the product but it is the product quality which makes the customer loyal to the product. Brands build equity by becoming memorable and readily distinguishable and by developing unique personalities.

Brand Image

Awareness relies on strong content marketing strategy to build brand awareness.What are the factors affecting Brand. Image? By BMS Team on June 6, in Special Studies in Marketing BRAND IMAGE &VARIOUS FACTORS AFFECTING IT Brand Relationship = Brand Image + Brand Attitude Brand Image = Brand Associations + Brand Personality.

How does Brand Extension Affect Brand Image? A study of Iran Market effective factors on brand image via its extension and adversely affect the brand image (Pitta and Katsanis, [11]; Chen and Chen, ) [12].

BRAND IMAGE &VARIOUS FACTORS AFFECTING IT Brand Relationship = Brand Image + Brand Attitude Brand Image = Brand Associations + Brand Personality Brand.

Home What are the factors affecting Brand Image? Brand Image of a particular product is the perception of the consumers about it. Know its definition, significance and the factors working behind creation of brand image and more. What Are the Factors Affecting Brand Image - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

A company's marketing efforts have a direct impact on sales and market share, but they are not the only factors that influence industry performance. A positive brand image is vital to business.

Factors affecting brand image
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