Describe a railway station

The trains move ahead with long whistles and rhythmic sound. Berlin Hauptbahnhofor may be to provide separate station capacity for two types of service, such as intercity and suburban examples: Some passengers carry their bundles on their heads, while others hold them under their arm pits.

Station configurations[ edit ] In addition to the basic configuration of a station, various features set certain types of station apart.

There may also be a bypass line, used by freight trains that do not need to stop at the main station. They are now certain that the train must come in short time.

Last Sunday, I went to the Chennai central station to see off my friend. Everybody seems to be in a hurry either to get down from a train or to board a train. Hawkers are busy with their business. There was waging of hands and hand kerchiefs.

Horses still provided all the pulling power.

Train station

It was time for the train to depart. A basic station might only have platforms, though it may still be distinguished from a halt, a stopping or halting place that may not even have platforms. At peak times, there is one train every 13 seconds there.

They are used by a cross-city extension of the main line, often for commuter trainswhile the terminal platforms may serve long-distance services. I had no option but to wait for the train at station. A "terminal" or "terminus" is a station at the end of a railway line.

Then there is a lull for some time. Coolies were also active to take the luggage. When I reached the railway station there was a huge rush of people going into and coming out of the railway station.

The invention of the steam engine was critical to the invention of the modern railroad and trains. The track usually consists of two rails, but might also be a monorail or maglev guideway. Vendors of sweets, tea, betel, ground-nut, etc. Some were looking for the books of their own choice at the railway book stall.

All the passengers on the platform stood up. It is their routine work. Some were sitting on benches and smoking or reading newspaper. Last Sunday, I happened to go to the railway station to receive my brother who was coming from Mumbai.

My brother got down the train. Tracks[ edit ] In a station, there are different types of tracks to serve different purposes.Large line-haul companies: Burlington Northern, Inc., ConRail, the Atchinson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway; the Southern Pacific Company and the Missouri Pacific System Unions: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen, etc.

Train and Railroad Lesson Plan and Discussion Ideas from 1. A little before the arrival of the train, the station is busy place.

Wherever you go you find a crowd of people.

Train station

In front of the 2nd class booking office window stands a long line of passengers who wait for their turn to get tickets.

They are pushing one another to reach the window. If there is a. Now that the air was clear, time started to flow again, the figure rose and strutted towards the train, into the light and disappeared inside.

Clunking and Screeching, the frozen engine kicked into motion, pushing the sleek, modern train down the beaten, old track and into the black.

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A Scene at A Railway Station: Travelling by trains is very cheap and comfortable so a railways station is a place full of great hustle and bustle. Here we come across people form different parts of the country in different fashions and colors. A train station or railway station (also called a railroad station, rail station, or depot) is a place where passengers can get on and off trains and/or goods may be loaded or unloaded.

Early stations were usually built to handle passengers and goods. A railway station is a place where trains arrive and leave. Hence it is a very important place in every city. One can find here a cross-section of people. People belonging to all castes, creeds and religions can be seen here.

This place is full of hustle and bustle. It is accessible to both the rich.

Describe a railway station
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