Acer strategy

This paper will compare these two companies business strategies, as well as their operating differences. Hrithik Roshan has been the face of the brand in India. Rising competition in global electronics scenario has also resulted in offering various incentives in terms of discounts, upgraded features and additional service benefits.

Acer Strategy

Acer strategy, Chromebox, Chromebase, Notebooks: If these suppliers decide to forward Acer strategy into the value chain Porter,pp. For Acer this could be leveraging the value chain to reduce costs across the business and to use these advantages to develop more premium brand PCs such as the Ferrari and BenQ LCD screens.

The products are sold to various segments across the computer users which includes business organization, corporates, education institutes, gamers and programmers. Porter goes on to suggest that strategy is about innovation in the way a company competes to maintain its market share globally.

The acquisition of Packard Bell was done with the intention of developing and innovating in terms of product offerings.

ACER Competitive Strategy Review

While this provides efficiencies to Dell, it also allows Acer a competitive advantage to source product at a lower price. The Taiwanese hardware giant isn't alone; as the PC industry continues Acer strategy contract, traditional PC makers such as Acer, HP and Dell are having trouble making an impact on the burgeoning tablet and smartphone space.

However, while this is true for the EMachines and Acer brands, more premium offerings, such as Gateway and Ferrari, are targeted at other competitive strategies.

This has been done through series of acquisitions and entering in contract with various local manufacturers. Even though the PC market can be described as being aggressively competitive, such alliances can be advantageous to both entities. The specs of the Aspire Switch 10 don't look demonstrably different from what Asus offers with its Transformer Book T It runs Android 4.

In the later part Acer strategy the s, Acer saw its market share increase by manufacturing and selling small size laptop computers known as netbooks. This along with the building of their products locally gave them a competitive advantage over their competitors who would bring completed products to the market.

Offering a better experience with better quality, but at a price not much higher than the no-name brands that flooded store shelves. The Acer business model is to provide low cost, premium Acer strategy that suit the local conditions.

With a three tiered strategy of premium, mid and low it is important that the sales force sells to the customer needs in their local market. Also some of the niche products by Acer have market skimming strategy since they are not expected to gain good market share.

Once these are determined it is recommended to use a balance scorecard with alliances to help drive innovation together with a tried and tested sales system to increase Acer market share.

The market gap between home and small businesses was filled by after careful market research and a proactive approach. In the other hand, the global reach Acer had engaged on by shifting from a hardware component manufacturer to a consumer friendly PC manufacturer, by acquiring Gateway, and being one of the first companies to produce netbooks laptop computers, placed Acer as a principal global player over Lenovo.

Because the company in its early years did not have the financial resources of its competitors there was a concentration on their strengths small, flexible, aggressive local manufacturer while building its brand.

The company is hoping to take that same approach to its new products, notably the Iconia One 7 tablet and the Aspire Switch 10 hybrid. No pen input here, and the specs are far from cutting-edge.

By also locating sales, marketing and service teams within each market with a brand that is highly regarded, allows Acer to be nimble to market needs, trends and fashion Hegarty,pp. The products are sold to various segments across the computer users which includes business organization, corporates, education institutes, gamers and programmers.

This acquisition gave Lenovo a method to overcome on of the entry barriers for the U. The value chain can also use synergies to produce other goods such as LCD screens and GPS units at a competitive advantage.

Also Acer has been known for its distribution mechanism thereby enabling the products to reach the consumers safely and having high standards in terms of packaging and delivery of products. The third recommendation is to adopt a balanced scorecard with alliances such as BenQ, Ferrari, McAffee and the Taiwanese manufacturers.

In your discussions, you should identify any limitations of the analysis methods you select.Acer therefore set out to pursue a strategy which would create for them what was described as a “global brand image”.

One such strategy was the change of name from Multitech in to Acer. This new name was shorter and thought to have a more global reach, while embracing the qualities of the company. High Level Statement Message from the Chairman and CEO.

As a multinational company and one of the world’s top PC brands, corporate social responsibility is a key focus or Acer, parallel to our ongoing pursuit for innovation, and fully aligned with our long term mission of.

Apr 30,  · The strategy isn't all that different from what made Acer a powerhouse in the mid to late s. Chen noted the similarities between the PC market of 20 years ago and the tablet market today. The major strategy adopted by Acer is value based pricing in its marketing mix wherein the prices are set according to the offerings made and the consumers are assured of the pricing based on the value proposition.

Acer's Channel Strategy Pays Off. While Taiwan-based Acer last week posted strong third-quarter earnings and projected growth of more than 40 percent inits Acer America unit is hoping a. Marketing Strategy of Acer has large offerings in hardware, software and related services due to which it uses differentiated targeting strategy.

Acer is facing tough competition from other players mainly from Chinese manufacturers & price wars is also affecting its .

Acer strategy
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