A literary analysis of virtual war by gloria skurzynski

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Science Fiction/Fantasy Authors of Various Faiths

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In her depiction of a society that prefers virtual reality to the real thing, Skurzynski plays a nice riff on appearance and reality: Although Corgan's team members appear fit and healthy in the virtual realm, he secretly meets them in person and discovers that the third member, Brig, is actually a crippled mutant.

Authorized Novels and Nonfiction Annotated List, Grades ©Alberta Education, Alberta, Canada Knowledge and Employability / 60 September VIRTUAL WAR Gloria Skurzynski "Corganfelt his stomach heave as the simulated battleground grew sticky with blood. Still, Skurzynski's (Cyberstorm) pacing is zippy, and the drills set for Corgan in preparation for the war (e.g., ""Golden Bees,"" ""Triple Multiplex"" and a simulated 20th-century minefield with.

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A hundred years after the end of the “war to end all wars,” USC experts discuss its surprising impact and how it affects us even today. November 9 University.

A literary analysis of virtual war by gloria skurzynski
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